...THE PAA SECK DIERY BAND

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 Paa Seck Diery Band, based in Boston, MA, plays M’Balax music. The music of the Paa Seck Diery Band is all original, written and arranged by Paa Seck Diery. Paa Seck Diery has a keen sense of how to combine beautiful melody with strong rhythmic hooks. He creates deep, danceable grooves in his songs, over which his drum improvisations get everyone moving.

Paa Seck Diery was born into a long line of GRIOTS, the carriers of musical and cultural traditions in Senegal, West Africa. This musical knowledge reaches far back into the history of the Senegalese people, and the M'Balax rhythms handed down from generation to generation through the GRIOT family are an essential part of the GRIOTS' vast knowledge. M'Balax music is based on the traditional rhythms of the Sabar Drums. M'Balax music and rhythms can be played on traditional drums only, known as Sabar, or played in a more contemporary instrumental lineup, combining traditional Sabar drums with contemporary instruments. M'Balax music is present in all aspects of Senegalese culture, whether it is a wedding, a baby shower, a night at a dance club, popular radio and television, or a formal event.Combining the tightly woven and propulsive rhythms and Bakk's of Sabar drumming with soaring vocals carrying lilting melodies, M'balax is at once a sublime and riveting listening experience.

Paa's M'balax music features his own Sabar drumming, and his vocal stylings that are unique to West African regions. His music showcases his talents as a singer, with a wide range and rich, mellow tone. It also features his talents as a drummer, delivering tasty and intricate lead drum lines over the Sabar rhythms. His talents as a Sabar dancer are also featured in the band.

Paa Seck Diery Band delivers intricate and sophisticated rhythmic grooves. His music is delightfully accessible to everyone. It is music that lifts the spirit. It is irresistible for those who love to dance. In the words of Paa Seck Diery, "M’Balax is everything. If you watch it, you’re going to be happy. If you listen to it, you’re going to be happy. If you dance to it, you’re going to be happy. M’Balax makes everybody feel good.”

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